Prof. Wei Lu joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Michigan in 2001 after receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton University in the same year. He received his BS from Tsinghua University, China. His research interests include Energy storage and electrochemistry; simulation of nano/microstructure evolution; mechanics in nano/micro systems; advanced manufacturing; mechanical properties and performance of advanced materials and relation to microstructures. Prof. Lu has over 180 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and gave over 200 presentations and invited talks in international conferences, universities and national labs including Harvard, MIT and Stanford; and at other prestigious institutions worldwide. He also has plenty of publications in conference proceedings, encyclopedias and book chapters. Prof. Lu was the recipient of many awards including the Robert M. Caddell Memorial Research Achievement Award, the CAREER award by the US National Science Foundation, the Robert J. McGrattan Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Faculty Recognition Award, Elected Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Department Achievement Award, Distinguished Professor Award, Novelis and College of Engineering, CoE Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award, Creative, Innovative, Daring (C/I/D) Award, George J. Huebner, Jr. Research Excellence Award; Academics in the top 2% in the discipline of Energy by study from Stanford University science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators; and the Gustus L Larson Memorial Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He was invited to the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Conference multiple times.