My group works on energy storage and electrochemistry; machine learning; simulation of nano/microstructure evolution; mechanics in nano/micro systems; advanced manufacturing; mechanical properties and performance of advanced materials and relation to microstructures. Specific research topics include

Energy storage and electrochemistry
   Battery model and simulation
   Development of advanced battery materials
   Advanced smart battery management system

Nanomechanics and Nanotechnology
   Self-assembly mechanism and dynamics
   Nanomechanics and nano/micro structure evolution
   Mechanism of capillary forming of 3D nanostructures
   Development of novel nanofabrication technique by exploiting electric field
   Electrostatic printing of few-layer-graphenes

Advanced manufacturing
   Joining of dissimilar materials 


Mechanics of wear and friction
   Wear model and simulations
   Grid-to-Rod fretting failure in nuclear reactors
   Surface engineering for wear resistance

Advanced simulations
   Finite element-based multi-physics simulations
   Molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics simulations